Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HI EVERYONE!! ... We, now, have a nearly complete pictography of Jeffrey and many of the people who've shared in his life! ... A whole bunch more pictures have been added! (Find them thru the Shutterfly link at right of this post, ... it's easy to sign up, and is an enjoyable way to visit with our Jeffrey!!) ***
This blog is a work in progress, and will be updated as time goes on. At the moment, pictures cannot be viewed in the photo album below (Jeff Starred photos). That album is now blank. For now, please see all pictures thru the Shutterfly link. *** [updated July 2011]

We send Jeffrey our love and smiles.
Warm thoughts and memories from Jeffrey's friends and family can be found in the comments of this post. Some of these were given at Jeffrey's eulogy. Currently, comments are from Mark Olenik, Jim & Marie Seckers, Nick Lombardo, and Kathy (& Jeff) Kamps:

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do you believe?

At the gravesite, it was a beautiful summer day in Cleveland
80 degrees with vivid blue skies and faint patches of clouds.
No rain since the morning of the day before.

After the ceremony, white doves were sent up into the sky, ...
it was then that we all noticed, incredibly, a small rainbow
within a cloud overhead.

We were all amazed, and gladdened by the sight.
Hard not to wonder..... Good tidings sent from above?

from a sympathy card

"Like a leaf dropped upon water...
the ripples of your loved one's life
spread on and on
to touch the lives of others."

Jeffrey touched many people in a quiet,
gentle way. We will never know how many,
but I know that for me and those that I saw,
they liked that soft touch of his,
because he touched you with carefulness,
humility and without pretense.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

You have always been an Indians fan through thick and thin. Thick and thin and for years it has been thin.
Yet, we have had our heroes.

One of Jeffrey's absolute favorites was Herb Score, ... as sportscaster, he was the voice of the Cleveland Indians. Herb had a uniquely gravelly voice and a heart-felt delivery of the game. Jeffrey never got tired of listening to Herb, no matter how many innings the game took!

*Herb Score, LHP (1955-59) AL Rookie of the Year (16-10, 2.85 ERA) in 1955 went 20-9, 2.53 ERA in '56. Two-time All-Star fanned 547 in first 512 innings before being hit in the eye by a batted ball in '57. Retired in '62 with 55-46 mark and spent 34 years as Tribe broadcaster.